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Our wine

What you should know about it?


Patented nanotechnology, through which achieved world record concentration of natural antioxidants contained in the red grape


Impressive antioxidant capacity, three times more efficient in slowing down the aging processes in your cells, compared to any other red wine


Local wine, produced in The Thracian Valley Region, part of The Southern Bulgarian Wine Region


Completely natural Cabernet Sauvignon with the highest quality produced without any artificial additives

Alfa Vita is 100% natural wine, produced to a special nano-technology, with world record antioxidant capacity, compared to all known natural wines worldwide.

Hundreds of clinical trials show that antioxidant capacity of more than 8000 μmol TE / 100 ml in ORAC makes our wine undeniable in treating various cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, liver diseases, erectile dysfunction, atherosclerosis and many others.

Alfa Vita really heals you while enjoying it with friends and loved ones. It lowers the level of free radicals in the body, slowing the aging process, helps the absorption of vitamin C, increases blood circulation in the capillaries, clean plaque on their walls and significantly reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol.

Alfa Vita is a source of health, the first and most important quality of life, the alpha and omega of all beginnings; natural gift of youth, health and longevity.


Good wine goes with good friends. Show them how special they are by treating them to a glass of Alfa Vita's health

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Unique antioxidant characteristics of Alfa Vita make it an excellent gift for any collector

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Demonstrate your good taste by offering this exceptional red wine to your beloved ones

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