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What you should know about us?

Aurika OOD is the owner of the special technology and know-how of production of high antioxidant wines under the brand name of Alfa Vita. The company is established by two prominent professionals in wine – Prof. Ivan Kiuila and Vili Galabova.

The creator of the technology, know how and equipment is Mr. Ivan Georgievich Kiuila - Ukrainian scientis, Professor Doctor of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Professor Doctor of the Ukrainian Engineering Academy of Radioelectronic Studies.

General Manager of Aurika OOD is the famous Bulgarian wine expert with more than 20 years of experience in the wine industry - Vili Galabova. Specialist with international experience and recognition, she is also the first Bulgarian trained in the most prestigious educational institution in the world of wine – LONDON INSTITUTE OF MASTERS OF WINE. Mrs. Galabova is the first Bulgarian international wine judge, currently judging in more than 10 prestigious international competitions on 3 continents. She is among the founders of the Bulgarian Wine Academy, wine taster, wine consultant, journalist and member of the wine tasting panel Divino.

Established in 2010, for five years Aurika remains leader on the market of antioxidant wines, leaving the competition far behind with antioxidant record held by its wine - 8700 μmol TE / 100 ml in ORAC, measured in Alfa Vita Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.

Proof about the quality of the product that company offers is the successful Alfa Vita’s brand presence not only in Bulgaria, but also in Germany, Russia, the Baltic States and many others.

Vili Galabova

General manager

Alfa Vita

Alfa Vita is an international project, involving a Belgium investor, German distributor, Russian scientists and Bulgarian wine maker.

prof. Ivan Kiuila

Tech inventor


What distinguishes us from the other wines?

Red wine with highest content of antioxidants in the world deserves an appropriate name.

Translated from Ancient Greek and Latin Alpha Vita means Source of life, which highlights its unique anti-aging abilities.

Alpha Vita is a symbol of health, the first and most important quality of our life, the alpha and omega of all beginnings.

Only this red wine endow you with health and longevity, heal your body and soul while enjoying it with friends and family.


Good wine goes with good friends. Show them how special they are by treating them to a glass of Alfa Vita's health

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Unique antioxidant characteristics of Alfa Vita make it an excellent gift for any collector

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Demonstrate your good taste by offering this exceptional red wine to your beloved ones

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Logo symbolism

What our trademark expresses?

The philosophy behind Aurika and Alfa Vita is expressed in our logo and it's corporate symbol. They remind a bunch of grapes and illustrate the company main activities. The sign, however, is additionally fortified by complementary symbolic meanings, which might not be immediately evident.

The number of the isosceles triangles is 10. They symbolize the different benefits of the company, each of them multifaceted and including extra features.

The number 10 represents the general idea of abundance, an unlimited number. 10 contains all the numbers and consequently, all the things and opportunities. It is the basis of turning point of reference and the number of success. This number is also the symbol of achievement. 10 is the crown of creation.

The large triangle directed top down looks like a ray of light, originating in a single point and spreading light up. The top down directed triangle is also the lunar sign, symbolizing femininity and fertility, water and nature, body and all physical. It also symbolizes the Mother Nature as a basic root, divine grace.